About Us


The mission of the North Platte Community Playhouse is to provide quality entertainment and a beautiful venue for live theatre and community events in the historical building of the Neville Center for the Performing Arts.



Thanks to the support and participation of the citizens of North Platte and the surrounding area, the North Platte Community Playhouse, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has thrived and enriched the cultural life of our community.


We at the North Platte Community Playhouse hope to still be producing plays that will entertain and delight our audiences for many more years to come.




A Little History . . .


1955 - Organized at the home of Charlie and Rose Craig

     The North Platte Community Playhouse was organized in 1955 at the home of Charlie and Rose Craig, who served bean sandwiches to members of the fledgling group.


1956 - "Harvey," the first show produced by the newly-organized thespians

     "Harvey," the first show produced by the newly-organized thespians, was presented 'in the round' in the Crystal Ballroom of the Pawnee Hotel in February, 1956.


     At that time, Charley Craig was president of the Board of Directors. Others who served on the board during 1956 were Paul Muchlinski, June Alexander, Betty Heidbreder, Katy Varicak, Rose Craig, Virginia Robertson, Betty McConahay, Donald Swaim and Leo Anderson.


     In a program note, the playhouse board welcomed the audience with the wish that "Harvey" would be the first of many successful productions. The note also stated that the Playhouse's future was in the hands of the people of the community, because actors, musicians, directors, stage helpers, and financial support were needed.


1968 - The Playhouse Auxiliary was organized

     In 1968, the Playhouse Auxiliary was organized to give support and to organize money-making projects.


1969 - Purchase of the old State Theatre

     In 1969, the old State Theater was purchased and subsequently renovated. It was used until the Neville sisters donated the Fox Theatre to the Playhouse in 1980.


     A fund-raising campaign brought in more than $250,000, which was used to restore the theater to its former grandeur. Now all plays are presented in this beautiful and historic venue. Thanks to the generosity of the Peter Kiewit Foundation, the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation, businesses, and individuals, the Neville Center is now air-conditioned and new rest room facilities have been added.




Leadership & Board of Directors


  • Executive Director - Scott Carlson
  • House Manager - Justin Morgan
  • Administrative Assistant - Rajean Shepherd


Board Members

  • President - Sara Morris
  • Vice President - Matt Pederson
  • Treasurer - Stuart Shepherd
  • Secretary - Carolyn Clark
  • Corresponding Secretary - Rajean Shepherd
  • Recording Secretary - Carolyn Clark



  • Anne Schmit
  • Sara Morris
  • Lou Cox Fornander
  • Peggy Fox
  • Dick Hall
  • Wayne Pressnall
  • Todd Turner
  • Elizabeth Peters



Thank You For Supporting Us


You might not realize it but . . .


When you buy a theatre ticket, the cost of that ticket only covers 50% of the expenses associated with producing the play. Theatres are non-profit organizations which thrive off the generosity of their donors. Raising ticket prices would decrease ticket sales and discourage attendance therefore the expense difference is covered by good-will donations.


Your NPCP donation is tax-deductible.


The NPCP accepts non-monetary donations as well. Just like a household, we can use toiletries, office supplies, furniture, garage bags, paper products, cleaning supplies, burnable CDs, office labels, clear storage bins, costumes & other items. These donations are tax-deductible also.


The NPCP is always in need of new volunteers as well. There are costumes to be mended and altered, sets to paint, general cleaning & errands to run. As volunteers age, move away and their schedules become overloaded, the need for new volunteers grows.


Donations are a large part of allowing the Neville Center to operate. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU goes out to our sponsors, volunteers and donators who keep our doors open.


We gratefully acknowledge donations and thank you as every dollar adds up.


Financial support by those who believe in the work of the NPCP is an essential part of creating great theatre. As a nonprofit theater, gifts from individuals, businesses, government and foundations underwrite much of NPCP's annual operating budget and are the means by which we create beautifully crafted productions, keep ticket prices affordable and offer stimulating children's programs.


Volunteers are also critically important to NPCP, and we are proud to have more than 100 active volunteers who donate their time and talents to help the theater realize its mission.


We thank you for your donation.